DSCF0329  Hey guys this week has been really interesting both me and my dad have been dreadfully sick. We both went to the hospital! It was amazing the minute we got there doctors were all over us in about ten minutes we got   IV drips into us {i threw up when mine got put in(it hurts)}. But after the hospital experience I felt much better. A week later it was m first day at a school called Pathshala (I am the only white kid). You know what is so weird about this school we have school on Sunday!

P.S. i will post pics of me in hospital on face book next week.



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DSCF0333 Hey guys so it is almost time for me to go to school I am going into grade eight. But the math here is like grade nine or ten in Canada and I have been studying over the past month my brain is going to explode. As you can see in this pic this is my room nice right :). talk to you guys soon bye


Our humble abode

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DSCF0327 So hey guys this (drumroll please) is our little home I call it the castle nice eh. except when you realise that there i barley any water so we have to boil water and then have a bucket shower. Our internet is dreadfully slow, but it is all getting better so we can live with it for a year hopefully. So i hope to hear back from you guys and i will talk to you soon.

Willis P Henry

Punks in Kathmandu

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fDSCF0323Hey guys sorry i havent been posting in a while, I am now Living in Kathmandu Nepal. It is so nice here (but u know except for the pollution in the air, ground and everywhere else). On maby our first weekend here we saw this sign  (for u Robin).Ok so i will post back each couple of days and i will keep in touch : email: willis@willisphenry.com , Skype: Motivationalcoach, (this is to tell other people i may know please) Facebook: Willis Henry.

Willis p Henry

Hello world!

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